Caravans for sale in Dorset – Happy Customers

Happy Customers at Freshwater Beach Holiday Park

If you are looking for a caravan for sale in Dorset, then Freshwater Beach Holiday Park could be for you.  We have some very happy customers who would like to share their experiences with you.  They are now the proud owners of a new Willerby Sierra.We are very proud to share this too!


Good morning Richard.

It was good to meet you again yesterday and thank you for your time.

In the words of the dear departed Max Bygraves, “I want to tell you a story”

Marion and I came down to Freshwater for a few days R&R. We had a few jobs to do as F14 has come to the end of its life at Freshwater and is destined for pastures new.

We always like to call in to see Jill for a catch up and both Marion and I had absolutely no intention of buying a new caravan but after a little while of talking to Jill we found ourselves ‘just looking’ at a possible replacement for F14, still with no intention of really doing so but as I am sure you know, low and behold last night we bought a brand spanking new Willerby  Sierra!

This is all down to Jill and her amazing skill as a sales lady.

We are, as a nation are very quick to complain but both Marion and I are of the same mind that when we receive good service we like to make those who need to know, know about it.

Marion and I were both in sales for longer that we care to remember so we know the patter and the selling techniques but in the end we believe people buy from people. That is not to take away the quality of the product being sold but Jill is one of those people.

Jill employed all the techniques we know and love as sales people, to get us to buy a new caravan and we very nearly didn’t.  It is down to Jill, who spent several hours of her day off convincing us to change our minds in a very subtle way and it was Jill who recovered the sale when, as far as we were concerned it was ‘dead in the water’.

As a result we can look forward to 15 more years of happy holidays at Freshwater in our brand new Sierra and I can truthfully say we had a brilliant 4 hour journey home last night planning for those 15 years, thanks to Jill.

We believe Jill went over and above the call of duty, not for us but for you and the the business you successfully operate, so we believe that despite all the banter yesterday we really do think, and we know you think the same really, Jill deserves ‘looking after’ !!!

Thank you Richard for listening to my story and thank you Jill for your friendship and we look forward to seeing our new arrival sitting proudly on our new plot very soon.
Chris and Marion

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