How to winterise a static caravan

How to winterise your caravan

For many static caravan owners, the season is drawing to a close. As the temperatures drop it’s really important to winterise your static caravan.  This will protect your static caravan from the colder months and prevent frost, vermin and mould damage.  Most caravan insurance policies stipulate winterisation during the colder months so it’s really important to check your policy and see what is required. In this article we will address the main areas to focus on when you winterise your static caravan.  By following these simple steps you are limiting the amount of damage that can occur during the winter period, making sure your static caravan is ready to use in the spring.


Turn off your water supply to your static caravan

One of the most important things to do when winterising your static caravan is to turn off the mains water tap underneath the caravan.  This can be completely disconnected.


Turn on all taps inside the caravan

Once the water has been turned off, turn on the water taps in the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks and en-suite.  Ths empties all of the water from the pipes and prevents water from freezing and splitting them.  Nobody likes to come back to a flood in the spring.  It is also a good idea to remove shower heads and hoses and blow the water out, removing any water which remains. It can be an idea to put plugs back in to prevent any bugs entering the caravan.


Flush the toilets 

Flush the toilets and add some antifreeze to the water left behind and put the toilet lid down.


Turn off gas and electric

It’s a good idea to turn off your gas and electric.  However, some caravans owners choose to use the frost stat setting on the boiler and central heating system.  You would need to check with the park owner to see if they are leaving gas on if you have piped gas.  


Have your boiler serviced

We recommend that you have your boiler serviced annually by a professional engineer to make sure the system has been topped up with antifreeze.



During the winter months when parks are closed, keep the curtains open so it’s clear to people looking in that all valuables have been removed.  We recommend taking home expensive items, such as televisions, games consoles and any other expensive equipment to prevent any theft from opportunists.


Leave the static caravan clean and tidy

Before you leave your static caravan for the winter, it is best practice to clean thoroughly. Make sure all crumbs have been hoovered up and perishable foodstuffs have been removed. If you are going to leave tins, it’s best to leave them on some kitchen roll to prevent rust rings.  Clean out the fridge and freezer with bicarbonate of soda and hold the doors open to prevent mould as these have now been turned off.


Air the static caravan

Before you leave the caravan, air throughout.  Leave internal doors open.  You can even open the wardrobe doors and kitchen cupboards to prevent the build up of moisture.  If you have any soft furnishings touching the walls, it can be a good idea to remove them from the external walls.


Take home all of the bedding

The winter is a good time to clean your soft furnishings and freshen them up for the new season.  Leaving them out in the caravan could invite rodents, so it’s best to either take them home or put them in an airtight container.


Before you go

Finally, many of our caravan owners place bowls of salt around the caravan to absorb the moisture or put dehumidifiers in each room to prevent mould forming.  Outside, cover any garden furniture and put away parasols as some of the coastal areas can be quite blowy!

Many owners clean the outside of their caravans to prevent the build up of moss and other debris.  This is down to personal choice.  Some prefer to do this in the spring after the winter.

Before leaving make sure all windows, doors and skylights are closed and locked.


So, before leaving your static caravan for the winter take a look at our recommendations on how to winterise a static caravan.  Many parks offer a drain down service for a small fee which can provide peace of mind over the winter.  They even connect it up for you again in the New Year!  

If you would like to find out more about caravan ownership in the South West, please contact us here.  We have a wide range of new and used caravans for sale and can help to find the right location for you.  Alternatively, you may feel like selling up at the end of the season.  Westcountry Resorts can help you sell your caravan quickly and without any stress. We do all of the hard work to find your new buyer so you don’t have too.  Find out more about selling your static caravan on site or read our frequently asked questions