Can you live in a static caravan

New static caravan for sale at St Audries Bay Holiday Club

After working in the caravan industry for 36 years, there are many questions which commonly occur when people enquire about caravan ownership.

One of the most common questions is “ Can I live in a static caravan”? 

When purchasing a holiday caravan it is essential to check the park opening times.  All parks will have a varying season.  These normally range from 9 to 11 months a year.  During this time, parks have different rules for occupancy.  For example, you may not be able to stay for more than 28 days consecutively.  In this situation, you would need to go home and back after a break.  Always check your license agreement and the park rules.

If your caravan is sited on a holiday park, you cannot live in it for your main residence. The park is licensed for holiday use only and so you would have to have a main abode elsewhere. To ignore this would infringe on the holiday park’s license and your purchase and license contract. The clue is generally in the title.  If a park has “Holiday Park” in the name, it usually means it’s for holiday use only.

If living in a mobile home is a consideration, researching residential parks is a necessity.  They are licensed for permanent living and can offer 12 months occupancy.


Read on to find the answers to our 5 frequently asked questions:


1. Do I have to pay council tax on a static caravan?


When purchasing a holiday static caravan, you may be asked to produce proof of identity documents such as a passport or driving license.  You may also be asked for a utility and council tax bill. Once the park has these documents, it will be clear that you have a main residence and you are paying your council tax elsewhere.

Council Tax is not payable on holiday caravan sites as it’s not a main residence and the customer is already paying it at home.

Caravan parks charge a site or pitch fee which cover your pitch rental on the park for the duration of your caravan license. 


2. How much are static caravan site fees?


Static caravan site fees vary greatly park to park.  It is essential before you purchase your holiday home to check all the running costs and make sure they are affordable. They usually increase each year.  Depending on your contract, there can be a cap on site fee increases per year.  We recommend you check the small print and clarify any doubts you may have with the sales representative or park owner.

It is also worth considering the other running costs such as:



Electric and Gas 


In addition, it is recommended to have an annual gas safety test and to drain your caravan down at the end of the season. See our recent blog on ‘How to winterise a static caravan’ 

As with your home, you will need to keep up with the maintenance, so bear in mind you may need to spend money on new fixtures and fittings.


3. Can I let out my holiday home?

Yes, most holiday parks allow the caravan owners to let their static caravans.  It can be a  great way of covering your site fees or at least contributing to your running costs.

Many parks offer a letting service where they make the booking on your behalf and organise the cleaning and linen change.  Another option is to use letting or booking agents. Both options can help to take the pressure off and allow you to enjoy your holiday home without the hassle.


4. Do I need to pay tax on my holiday home earnings?


Remember, any income earned is classified as taxable income and so it’s advisable to speak with HMRC and request a self assessment form.  The plus side of this is you will be able to claim expenses for travel, cleaning, linen, any loan interest and repairs and replacement items.


5. Can you get a mortgage for a static caravan?


Mortgages are not available for static caravans. Many parks offer finance packages which make ownership more affordable.  If this option is not available on park, then high street lenders and banks are the best option.  Remember, to shop around for the best term and rate.

We hope that you have found these questions helpful.  We are asked these questions often.

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