Our Favourite Dartmoor Beauty Spots

Haytor - One of Dartmoor's most famous beauty spots


Dartmoor is a famously beautiful part of Devon – known for its rugged charm, steep Tors and breathtaking views. It’s also a very large National Park and it can be tricky to know which areas to visit, particularly if you are a new visitor. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite Dartmoor beauty spots to give you some inspiration.


Buckfast Abbey

Buckfast Abbey is a very interesting place and definitely one that’s worth a visit. Located next to the River Dart, it is a self-sufficient working monastery which is home to a community of Benedictine monks. Located in tranquil grounds with beautifully kept gardens, it’s the perfect place to relax and find some peace. The grounds are completely free to enter and you can even have a picnic if you desire!

The Abbey offers tours and a Monastic Way Exhibition, as well as a variety of other activities throughout the year. It is also famous for producing Buckfast Tonic Wine – a fortified wine which has been produced by the monks since the 1890s.


Lydford Gorge

Famous for being the deepest river gorge in the South West, Lydford has a 30m high waterfall which is a truly breathtaking experience. Though the geology of this gorge is interesting enough, you will also stumble upon wildflowers and plants of all different types.

There are a variety of walking routes you can take and each one will take you to the must-see features: the White Lady Waterfall and the eerily named Devil’s Cauldron.


River Dart

While the River Dart isn’t just a single beauty spot, we’re still putting it on this list! Many of the most beautiful nooks and crannies nestled away on Dartmoor can be found just next to the river. The river is best appreciated in the sunshine, when the water reflects the light and can offer a cool place to dip your hot feet!

Some of the best Dartmoor walks can be discovered by following the river. If you’re walking on Dartmoor, you may even stumble upon it by accident, but make sure you take the time to appreciate its natural beauty.



Perhaps the most well-known Tor on all of Dartmoor, Haytor is certainly a sight to behold. It offers spectacular views across the whole of Dartmoor and the South West coastline.

Haytor is a protected area due to the geological and natural variety which exists there. However, you can still walk up it and experience the magical views for yourself. You can also explore the Haytor Quarry and even have a go at rocking climbing.


So there you have it, our favourite Dartmoor beauty spots! If you have any favourites of your own, you can always let us know on Twitter @WCResorts.

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