How to sell your static caravan privately in 5 Simple Steps

Owning a static caravan has become more and more popular, especially since the pandemic which made foreign travel a struggle. But despite travel opening up again, domestic tourism is expected to rise in 2022-23.

In fact, according to IBISWorld’s, ‘Caravan & Camping Sites in the UK’ market research report, the market is worth £3bn and the industry outlook (2022-2027) expects to see revenues surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

This is great news if you’re looking to sell your second home to free up some money to spend on new adventures. With so many people searching for static caravans for sale, there’s a real opportunity to get your caravan seen. 

Read on to learn the ins and outs of selling your holiday home privately on-site. We’ll tell you how you can sell your caravan in five simple steps.

Read our private-sale customer reviews to see how we have helped many people move on, as well as many customers who are happy with their new static caravans.

How do I value my static caravan?

There are many things to consider when valuing a caravan. It’s crucial to have commercial knowledge about other nearby parks or units in the area. This will help ensure you get the right price point to market your caravan. The basis for any valuation is mainly due to the following factors:

Licence period: Every park will have an agreement that tells you how long you can keep your caravan on your chosen pitch. Generally speaking, the longer you have left on your licence period, the higher the valuation. But everyone has different needs. Matching with the right buyer is essential.

The park: The best holiday park means something different to everyone. Is it friendly and is the customer service rated highly? What is the overall quality of the facilities? Are there plenty of local tourist attractions? Do they have food and drink? Are there pool complexes or activities for kids? Do they offer fun-themed weekends? Or is it more luxurious for quieter breaks? You’ll need to factor in all these things to get the most accurate price.

Make and model: Just like cars, most people like to know the specification and all the features a caravan has to offer. And each manufacturer is different. Does it have a feature fireplace, double glazing, central heating, extra dinette seating, and additional pull-out beds? Are there plenty of cupboards and wardrobes for storage, how large is the shower, and the bedroom? Knowing what buyers are looking for is key to making a quick sale.

The condition: If you look after your static caravan it will look after you. Buyers will be looking to see how worn the voiles and curtains are, how clean the appliances are, and if the shower has been looked after. Additional items included within the sale such as decking will also add value.

Ultimately, this is your final decision. It’s important you are happy with any recommended sale price so you feel you are getting the right value for your static caravan.

Should I use an estate agent to sell my static caravan?

The best way of selling your holiday home privately, but without the hassle, is to go through an estate agent. However, it’s important to choose an industry agent that specialises in sales and marketing for static caravans. Without extensive industry knowledge, credibility and experience, it will be difficult to attract the right buyer. 

You’ll need someone who understands the relationships between the seller, park owner, and new buyer. At the same time, having someone able to help you every step of the way, means you can be confident everything is taken care of from day one. Everything from agreeing on a price to liaising with your park and having all the right paperwork in place, or listing and marketing your holiday home, right down to negotiating can be overwhelming. Having someone who can guide you through the whole process is a must.


Do I need to let the park owner know that I want to sell my static caravan?

Yes, it’s essential to let your park owner know about your intent to sell and that you are putting your static caravan on the market privately.  Depending on your agreement, the park may have first refusal on purchasing your static caravan.


What are the costs of selling a static caravan?

Before agreeing on a selling price, you’ll want to make sure you have taken all financial implications into account. You may have asked yourself, “Do I pay VAT if I sell my static caravan?”, “Do you pay capital gains tax on a static caravan?”, or “What fees will I have to pay the park?” and, “What about outstanding finance?”. Here’s an overview of typical costs associated with selling a static caravan:

Paying VAT on a static caravan: You will be required to pay VAT on the transfer fee. The amount will depend on the size and specification of the caravan. 

The industry standard is 15% of the selling price plus VAT, this is usually called the “transfer fee”. When you’re ready to sell, check your park’s terms and conditions as this percentage may vary.

Here is an example of how this looks:

Caravan sales price: £10,000

Transfer fee: £1,500

VAT (on the transfer fee): £300

Total due to the caravan owner: £8,200

Capital gains tax on a static caravan: There is no capital gains tax to pay when selling your static caravan. A caravan is seen as a wasting asset with a life that does not exceed 50 years. It’s likely to lower in value over time and have just a residual value at the end of its life.

Park fees: Each park is different with its own set of rules. Many offer a pro-rata scheme whereby you would pay for the months you have used from the current year and then receive a reimbursement of the fees left for the remainder of the year.

Outstanding finance: If you have outstanding finance against your caravan, you will need to obtain a settlement figure from the finance company at the date of sale. Any amount outstanding on finance will need to be cleared before ownership can be transferred.

Gas and electric safety tests: It is always advisable to supply your new purchaser with a valid gas and electric safety test for the caravan.  It should be done annually as a matter of course for your own safety. This will provide your purchaser with the confidence that the caravan they are buying is of sound quality.


What documents do you need to sell a caravan?

If you are looking to transfer caravan ownership, you would need to have a copy of your licence agreement and your park rules so you can discuss these with the new buyer. The licence agreement outlines the licence period, running costs, and other park information.  This varies from park to park.

If you sell your static caravan with Westcountry Resorts, a  document called an ‘Agreement to Sell’ is drawn up which highlights the following:

Your name, static caravan details, listing price, licence period, park details, and what is included within the sale of your static caravan (decking, furniture, fixtures fittings, additional items to be left in the unit). This is all signed off before the static caravan is listed and forms the working agreement between you, us and your new buyer.  

Sell your static caravan privately in 5 simple steps

It’s easy to sell your static caravan privately with Westcountry Resorts. We have been selling private sale caravans for over 15 years and can help you move on quickly, easily, and in a cost-effective way. Just follow these simple steps for a sale without the fuss.

  1. Talk to an expert: Contact us here or feel free to give us a call. Let us know if you are looking to sell your static caravan. Our welcoming team will be happy to chat through your existing situation.

  2. Packages available: We will discuss the two different packages available to you giving you a clear outline of the process.

  3. Agreement to sell: We will discuss the price you would like to gain for your caravan, any extras you are selling with it, the licence period, park details, and costings. This will be documented in the Agreement to Sell which forms our working agreement.

  4. Listing your caravan: We will arrange photographs and write the specification for your static caravan. This will then be listed on our website.

  5. Viewings: Arrange appointments on your behalf 

Selling your static caravan privately with Westcountry Resorts is as easy as that. 

For more information download our Selling your static caravan privately frequently asked questions and answers sheet or get the ball rolling right away and get in touch here.