How to sell your static caravan off site - All your questions answered

Sell my static caravan off site

When your static caravan nears the end of its licence, it can be difficult to know what the next steps will be. 

You may be wondering how long your static caravan will last, or what happens at the end of your licence period. You’ll need to know how to settle any finance, find out if there may be any associated costs for removing your caravan off-site, and understand how your caravan is valued.

To help guide you through the process, we have answered all of your questions so you have all the information you need to sell your caravan off site. 

Plus, read on to learn the five easy steps you’ll need to make a sale simply and quickly.


How long do static caravans last? 


Static caravans tend to be sold with a licence period. The term varies but usually falls between 15-20 years. Lodges on the other hand, are normally sold with a longer licence period and normally start from 25 years plus. Each park is different and so it’s essential to check the terms and conditions of the park where you are buying. You can read more about how long do static caravans last in one of our previous blogs.


What happens at the end of my static caravan licence period?


At the end of your licence period, you will have different options available to you. You will have the opportunity to upgrade your existing static caravan. The park will be able to help you with this and explain their procedures and what’s on offer.

If you have decided to finish caravanning, you can approach your park and let them know of your intent to sell. Depending on your licence agreement, the park may have first refusal to purchase your static caravan. If the park owner is not in a position to buy back your caravan you are able to sell your static caravan off site as it will still have a residual value.


Can I sell my static caravan off site that is on finance ?


It’s really important to gain an up-to-date settlement figure from your finance company before you sell your caravan off site. This will need to be settled before the caravan can be removed from its pitch.  


What costs will I incur when I sell my static caravan off site?


Depending on where your caravan is located on the park, a crane may be required to remove it from its pitch. There will almost certainly be a de-site fee for removing the caravan from its pitch. It is wise to take into consideration the removal of any decking which may need to be removed or dismantled. With any de-site, it’s important to discuss all of the above with your park owner as they all have different procedures.


How is my static caravan valued? How much is my static caravan worth?


The price of your caravan is determined by many factors. The condition of the caravan is of utmost importance. If the caravan has been well looked after and has original fixtures and fittings, it will reach a higher value than a caravan that is in bad condition and has had original fittings removed. The inside, outside and the chassis will all be appraised when selling off site.  The price attained will also be determined by market conditions, the time of year and what other caravans are for sale in your area.

Sell your static caravan off site in 5 easy steps 


It is easy to sell your static caravan or holiday lodge off site with Westcountry Resorts. Using just five simple steps, we can help you move on quickly and with ease. The hard work is done for you so you can plan your next adventure. 


  1. Call us on 01392 271 222 or contact us here. One of our team will be happy to run you through the process and discuss your situation.
  2. We will arrange a suitable time to come and appraise your static caravan. 
  3. We’ll provide you with an offer for your static caravan and agree on a price.
  4. We will arrange the transport and liaise with the park regarding the de-site and disconnection.
  5. Once the unit has been removed from the pitch and is ready for collection, we can transfer funds to your nominated bank account.

Selling your static caravan off site couldn’t be simpler with Westcountry Resorts. We have been successfully buying caravans for over 18 years and so can provide you with exceptional service and get you the best price for your static caravan. For more information download our Selling your static caravan off site frequently asked questions or get the ball rolling right away and get in touch here.