7 benefits of buying a privately owned static caravan

When purchasing a static caravan for the first time, there is a great deal of research to undertake, but it needn’t be overwhelming. One of the first decisions to make is whether to purchase a new or used static caravan. When purchasing a used caravan many often decide to purchase a sited, used caravan. These can be purchased through the park or from a private individual. The latter are termed as “private sale” caravans or “privately owned” static caravans and include the transfer of ownership from one private individual to another.


Read on to find out the benefits of purchasing a privately owned static caravan.


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What should I look out for when buying a second hand static caravan?


When purchasing a second hand static caravan it’s important to set an affordable budget. It’s not just the buying of the caravan that’s important, taking into account the other ongoing costs is essential. This will include the pitch fees, rates, sewage, water, gas, electric and insurance charges which will be due annually.


It is important to check the length of license remaining on the ‘License Agreement’. As a rule the less time remaining on the license, the lower the investment will be on the static caravan. Most caravan parks have a 15 year license period from new. So when purchasing a caravan that’s 10 years old, for example, you will have 5 years remaining on the site license. It is always advisable to check with the park owner as at the end of the license they all have different procedures. Some may offer extensions and others may need you to part exchange your existing caravan.


We recommend reading through a copy of the park rules of the park you are looking at purchasing on. Again, all the parks have different sets of rules and it’s good to be informed. This covers things like the caravan particulars, season length, pets, parking, costs etc.


Do you get paperwork when buying a caravan?


When buying a static caravan on a site, whether it’s new or used, you will read and sign a ‘license agreement’ with the park manager. If purchasing a used or privately owned caravan, the ownership has to be transferred from the existing owner to the new one.  It’s best doing this with the park manager to confirm the new sale. We also recommend meeting or speaking to the park manager before any money changes hands. There will be different procedures to adhere to at each park.


With all of this considered, the burning question remains, so what are the rewards? 


What are the benefits of buying a privately owned static caravan?


1. Shorter license period: When purchasing a static caravan, you may not need a full 15 year lease. You may only want it for 6 years for example, until the kids go to college or you may have work commitments and only have a 5 year window. Or, you may like to “dip your toes into the water” and try out holiday home ownership without making a huge financial commitment.  You might like to try the location and the park out first before committing to a new static caravan.


2. It is cheaper: Often purchasing a used static caravan is cheaper than buying a new one. You may be able to find one with a higher specification or pick up a bargain as someone is trying to make a quick sale.


3. More choice: You will find a wider range of models available if you look at second hand caravans. You may also be able to find a model that is not made any more as manufacturers tend to change models and colour schemes annually.


4. Great plots available: Privately owned static caravans remain on their pitch. So people often buy them to secure the pitch they are on. As a park’s occupancy increases and less pitches are available, it can be the only way to get onto the park. When private sale caravans come up on the front line or with sea views, they can be a very attractive proposition.


5. You can part exchange your caravan: It is easy to part exchange your caravan. You don’t have to wait until the end of your license, you can do this at any time going on to use the residual value to go towards your new static caravan much like part exchanging your car.


6. Sell your caravan off site: If you decide that holiday home ownership is not for you, then you can easily sell your static caravan off site or re-sell privately.


7. Added extras: Caravan owners often leave their contents behind for the next owner and have in some cases already landscaped their garden or built a deck which would be sold along with the caravan. This can create a huge saving.


We spoke to one of our recent customers James Hewitt. He purchased a privately owned caravan at St Audries Bay Holiday Club. We asked him some questions about his purchase.


What made you buy a second hand caravan?


“The caravan was sold with everything included. It was a good price point and was in a lovely position.”


Why did you buy a second hand caravan rather than purchase a new one?


“I didn’t want to spend out on a new one to start with, as I was new to ownership. We were not 100% sure at the time. It helped us get onto the park as there were no plots available at the time. We are now able to upgrade into a new model and onto a perfect pitch.”


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So, in summary, when buying a static caravan for the first time, a private sale caravan is often beneficial and well worth considering.

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